Bodø - Værøy - Røst - Moskenes


Ticket prices

The trip to and from the islands of Værøy and Røst is free. It is not free of charge for vehicles between Bodø and Moskenes.

Prices for Bodø - Værøy - Røst - Moskenes

Zero emission = Electric or hydrogen

Conventional = Petrol, Diesel or Hybrid

Tariff groupFull price
MC/Moped 165 kr
0 - 6m 563 kr
6.01 - 8m 1211 kr
8.01 - 10m 1560 kr
10.01 - 12.5m 1771 kr
12.51 - 14.5m 1940 kr
14.51 - 17.5m 2095 kr
17.51 - 19.5m 2164 kr
19.51 - 22m 2222 kr
over 22m 2444 kr


Autopass has discounts if you have an autopass chip and an advance agreement. Read more about the discounts they offer on their own pages.

Reserving a spot on the ferry

On this route we are able to guarantee a spot up to a certain percentage of the ferry’s capasity:

  • 30% of the capasity to/from Værøy and Røst
  • 50% of the capasity to/from Bodø and Moskenes

The price of reserving a spot will be added to the ordinary ticket price.

Prices for reserving a spot 2023

Tariff groupPrice
Vehicles (Værøy - Røst) 0 kr
Passenger (Værøy - Røst) 250 kr
Vehicles up to 6 m (Bodø – Moskenes) 250 kr
Vehicles over 6 m (Bodø – Moskenes) 550 kr

Important information regarding reserving a spot

It is not mandatory to book the ticket in advance of your journey, and it is only a certain percentage of the boats capasity that are available to reserve in advance.

Reserved journeys must be payed before the booking is made and booked via our website.

If you have made a booking for a reserved spot you must be in the queue marked as “Reserved/Prepaid” 45 minutes before departure.

For passengers without a vehicle there is 20 available tickets to buy for guaranteed seating every departure. You can only book 2 of these tickets at a time and you must be present 45 minutes before departure to register.

The booking for reserved spots must be made before 20:00 the day before departure.

If you are traveling without a vehicle and you do not want to book a reserved spot, the journey is free of charge. You only need to be at the port before departure.